We understand clients may enjoy devoting themselves to the interests of their assets, want to be involved and follow events on global financial markets attentively with great interest. They seize opportunities to preserve and grow their wealth. A personal relationship with a professional partner is very important. We can be at value to keep you up to date about market developments at all times, value choice and opportunities in line with your needs and your risk appetite, allowing you to act and make decisions quickly.

Our approach is driven by seasoned professionals, engineered to make clients more operationally efficient – leveraging our representatives to help you execute your investment strategy. Client make use of the knowhow and expertise of our investment expertise. You benefit from active monitoring of your portfolio and receive suggestions for optimizing it on an ongoing basis, keep you updated on new developments, and you retain your flexibility as you make the final investment decisions yourself.

At JVSakk, we offer cash equity trading execution on an agency basis and executes trades through Asia, Europe and North America. We provides a strong scientific overlay to the traditional core styles of equity analysis and brings them together in a relevant and bespoke manner for our clients. We make country, sector and tactical calls to our clients from our proprietary process through identifying securities that demonstrate strong alpha indicators showing the following characteristics.

  • Improving and sustainable fundamentals
  • Attractive relative valuations
  • Increasing investor expectations