Alternative Investment

Isola Capital has a broad global network with access to proprietary direct investment deal flows. It is not unusual their direct investment team evaluate 80 deals per quarter. As Isola Capital's strategic partner in the Greater China region, these exclusive investment opportunities are offered to our clients and partners on a discrete basis.

We believe Isola Capital's global network and deal sourcing capability to pounce on unique proprietary investments that is not available through traditional avenues. Their investment philosophy hark back to its heritage and traditions that deals are bought to the Investor Round Table which gone through set of rigorous due diligence procedure. As deals usually co-invest with other members of the Investor Roundtable who are mostly Isola Capital's shareholders or long-term clients. The deals are typically structured in a way that will generate cash returns with appropriate downside protection.

Hedge Fund

JVSakk Opportunity Fund - Greater China
With our flagship fund, we endeavor to deliver sustainable low volatility capital appreciation to investors, earning Alpha - risk adjusted excess return in different economic cycles through active investment management.

Predominately investing in the robust Greater China region, a place with ample investment opportunities and expect to be the global growth engine in the 21st century, the long/short equities fund has a mandate to facilitate a flexible investment approach with no minimum gross exposure restriction. Under the mandate, manager can actively adjust the net exposure from -50% to 125% which enable swift tactical positioning in different market environments.

In essence, the fund applies stringent discipline on exposure control and return are generate through four different levels

Our portfolio managers employ a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches in the investment process. Utilize the top-down approach that through quantitatively examine macro parameters to the broad market sentiments to control our portfolio risks and sector exposure while utilize bottom-up approach which based on rigorous proprietary research for securities analysis.

We also strongly believe risk management is the foundation of successful portfolio management and put capital preservation as are top priority for the fund during unclear macro environment.