About Us

About JVSakk Group

JVSakk Group (JVSakk) is a unique investment house that provides securities brokerage, asset management and private banking solutions. We are based in Hong Kong and search for opportunities around the globe, seeking for private, exclusive investment opportunities for our clients to deliver sustainable capital appreciation. Our goal is to provide low volatility, alpha enhancing returns through active investment management in changing economic climates.

We collaborate with prominent private banks and act as an independent asset manager in offering execution, investment advisory and managed discretionary portfolio services to private clients and institutions. We also have our own equity long/short fund focusing on Greater China and also look to assist talented investment managers in setting up new funds or portfolios under our platform's umbrella.

An Independent Asset Manager
Established in Hong Kong in 2007, JVSakk currently six lines of core businesses including
  • Family
  • Asset
  • Alternative
  • Dealer
  • Risk
  • Real

We offer a family office approach in providing investment services, combining the advantages of both traditional private banking and asset management. By establishing a sound, independent and personalized platform with a focus on aligning our own goals with our clients, we aim to build long-term relationships with our investors. With our integrated platform, we offer client support on both financial and personal affairs, consolidating their banking relationships and administrative work like their own family office would. As our investors grow, JVSakk looks to stand behind them with our independent client centric advice and service led culture.