Asset Management

Our Investment Approach

Investment is an intricate process that requires time and knowledge to identify superior investment opportunities. To create wealth for the long-term, it is critical to be disciplined and employ sound investment strategies.

Investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on helping you grow and protect your wealth in a way that matches your long-term investment objectives and distinct financial personality. Investment research of various private banking specialists, independent external research houses as well as our in-house team provides a basis for investment decisions. Further analysis is done through careful examination on economic parameters with high conviction. Finally, emphasis on capital protection is always the top priority in spite of various risk appetite profiles of different clients.

Active management

Asset allocation has a decisive effect on expected returns. Our multi-asset class platform provides a gateway to our clients accessing a broad investment universe. We endeavor to identify the strategic asset allocation that consistent with investor's long term return expectation and risk profile at the time the investment policy statement is established.

The tailor made portfolios will be invested on genuine gain opportunity, independent of any structured investment style. With the support of our in-house research team and our associated global banking product specialists, your investment managers adopt an active style through tactical reallocation to rebalance asset class during the changes of market conditions to achieve capital preservation and optimize portfolio return potential during different economic cycles.

Factors affecting Long-term returns* Click to enlarge
Risk-adjusted return enhancements through investment managers' asset allocation expertise Click to enlarge
*"Determinants of Portfolio Performance II: An Update. Brinson, Singer and Beebower, 1996."
Asset Classes available within the JVSakk Platform
Discretionary Portfolio Management

The discretionary portfolio management enables delegation of portfolio management to our experienced investment managers under the asset management team. At JVSakk, we provide a full suite of private banking services catering exclusively to high net worth individuals looking to accumulate, protect and enhance their personal wealth.

We act as an independent asset manager through a tri-party agreement with prominent partnering banks. Being an independent platform, we are not constrained by limited range of products or strategies of any specific bank. With access to all products of all partnering banks, our only goal is to cater for you. Through the investment mandates, a clearly defined allocation guidelines and risk restrictions can be establish to suit your risk appetite.

Services provided to Clients
Advantages to client
  • Beyond a traditional benchmarking and active asset management model, which allows you to achieve risk diversification, return optimization and cost minimization at the same time.
  • Mitigate administrative workload in managing multi bank assets, deal with multi bankers and making ample investment decisions. To keep things simple, our investment mangers provide a centralized portfolio services to oversee and consolidate reporting all your assets from various platform.
  • No principle agent problem, no product driven culture, provide only convicted investment solutions. We act independently without any commission targets, we find the best deal for clients inline with everyone's best interests. By setting up a mutually agreed fee structure with clients, we credit back our client all kick backs or retrocession we get from banks, leading to a zero conflict of interests.
Services provide through our platform including:
  • Investment Management
  • Other financial services