About Us

Who We Are

In the last decades, the financial services sector has changed from being a personalized business to very commercial and commoditized. Many financial institutions distinguish themselves with their history and branding, but in the midst of continued drive for greater profits, many have lost sight of what is most important. As evermore technical and exotic products are developed in the financial landscape, catering for the clients' true needs are sometimes forgotten.

At JVSakk, we pride ourselves as an independent asset manager. Having access to the same products available in many private banks through our prominent partnerships, our only goal is to help our investors filter the right investments at the right time.

Our group is management owned and we are also investors ourselves so we are completely aligned with the goals of our clients. As a private company, we have no public shareholder pressures and our people work without commission targets. This allows us to go the extra mile to identify and handpick the most suitable investment solutions available from our vast product portfolio. With many partnerships, we can provide very competitive pricing with a most transparent reporting.