Family Office

JVSakk offers comprehensive, tailor-made advisory family offices services. Through our strategic partnership with Isola Capital Group, a renowned multi family office platform with over half a century experience in this field, we offer an extensive range of solutions on any set of criteria to meet your family or family office's needs.

With our tailored wealth management and consulting services, we focus on preserving and growing your wealth over the long term. Through a dynamic process to understand your particular criteria, we formulate the basis for optimal solutions for you and your family. Besides formulation of investment strategies and portfolio management, by collaborating with external specialists, we also offer niche services including trusts and foundation formation, retirement and succession planning as well as corporate advisory and philanthropy structuring services.

Key highlights of family office services include:

  • Investment
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Administrative
  • Tax & Legal
    • Diagnosis of overall financial situation
    • Global asset allocation and investment strategy
    • Consolidate reporting of family assets
    • Succession Planning
    • Trust & foundation formation
    • Family governance
    • Travel arrangements
    • Bill payments
    • Real estate management
    • Tax Preparation
    • Tax Planning
    • Legal issues

We would be pleased to present our services in detail, and show you how we combine them to offer a tailored overall solution that preserves and increases your assets and the prosperity of your family over the long term.

Furthermore, we provide comprehensive financial advisory and capital raising services to corporate clients. Utilizing our comprehensive knowledge in corporate finance and compliance, our financial consulting services are custom designed to ensure that our clients are rendered the merits of various of action to achieve the intended strategic, business and finance objectives.

We work with our clients from the early stage of conceptual and strategic planning, carefully defining the steps and timing of events, bringing in strategic investors and other connections where appropriate to develop sustained synergies.